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Come visit us or call us at (979)-242-2889.

What does it mean to be Lutheran?

Click here to learn more.

What is the school dress code?

FLHS has a dress code. This code is built around modesty and you can learn about this dress code by clicking here.

I’m not Lutheran; can I still send my child to FLHS?

Yes! While theology classes and curriculum will certainly be taught from a Lutheran perspective, we welcome students of different faiths to our school.

Where are you located?

Faith Lutheran High School is located on the beautiful campus of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Warda, Texas, utilizing several rooms in their education wing, as well as their gymnasium and sanctuary (for weekly chapel services). You can find a map on the Contact Us page.

are you accredited?

All Faith Lutheran High School of Central Texas programs and procedures are developed to meet or exceed normal State of Texas Department of Education guidelines and typical regional accrediting standards.

Faith Lutheran High School is unconditionally accredited by National Lutheran Schools Accrediting Association.  NLSA accreditation meets or exceeds requirements of Texas Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


Will you have extracurricular activities?

Yes we do! We offer indoor archery as a club before or after school through the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP). It is a competitive program at the local, regional, state, and national level.  We also offer other athletic activities such as Basketball, Cross Country, and Track.  We have a Robotics extracurricular as well.  

Our other extracurricular programs will be driven by our students’ interests. We could offer golf, tennis, soccer, volleyball, skeet shooting, bass fishing, speech and debate team, one act plays, academic team, choral ensemble, brass, woodwind, or string ensemble, NLHS, FCA, and FFA depending on students interests.

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